Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Of Christmas Holidays and a Blast from the Past...

Had relaxing holiday, I can't remember the last time I slept this much, but it was really therapeutic. My headaches have calmed down, but I don't expect it to go away soon. On Christmas night, had a wonderful dinner with my parents and my fiance. The pictures are in my pen-disk, but I'm too lazy to go dig it in my luggage. I've just reached home, and getting ready to sleep. Tomorrow's back to reality and work. *sigh*

Firstly, today is OUR anniversary, my fiance and me. Today was our 2 year anniversary of our first date. We met again on Christmas morning after separated for 9 years and I asked her out on the next day. Two years. Time flies when you're having fun, no? It wasn't just all fun, there were tears also. But I'm glad we made it this far. (Sounds like a love song I've heard somewhere?)... But it's been a swell two years, and I'm wishing the next two, twenty or two hundred years would remain the same.... (If we could live that long, that is. ^_^)

Secondly, need to show this... my haircut.

Needed a change of mood and therefore a change of hairstyle. Now I don a Visual Kei hairstyle. Dyed it brown-red, with spikes. This will take up an extra 10 minutes of my mornings to style 'em up. But it's worth it. Next, I need to work on my weight problem. No point having a cool looking hair but having a unfit body. So it's back to the weights and running shoes from this day on.

In other news.... a blast from my past.

Many years ago, I helped the Lagenda BEC in Taman Song Choon area, to start out a caroling troupe. With my previous experiences of caroling with the church choir, I was confident to lend what little help I can to get them started. It was a great fun and a successful endeavor. However, controversy arises when the church choir questioned my commitment and loyalty by doing this. Loyalty? Commitment? Golly, since when we have sub-societies within our church? Truly, I was torn apart between the two. But I decided to divied my time between the choir and training these group of people to be able to sing carols. End of the day, we had a blast, other than caroling in their BEC Christmas party, we even went commercial and performed in a hotel lounge. I watched a group of under-trained adults, teens and children, with raw and unpolished voices... transform into a group of mini-choir with voices of angels, singing with sheer confidence. But this has brought some unspoken tension between me and the church choir.

For a long time, the choir has been the Microsoft of the church. Total monopoly of carol requests and control on who gets in the choir or not. This, in my view, had the choir members' noses high up in the clouds, and that is not good. I followed my heart and gave a group of lay-people a chance, finally, to sing their hearts out, spreading the Christmas cheer in their own way. Also, hopefully, the church choir can learn something from this. But I ended up looking like a two-faced, double-crosser. Was what I did wrong? That question has haunted me for a long time.

Finally, an SMS from a leader of the BEC came today, with Christmas greetings... and short words expressing that they missed my carolling support, but they managed to do it on their own this year. I was happy, that at least I have made a difference in a small way. I don't know how many times that they have done it ever since I stopped leading their carolling, but I was glad that they didn't stop there. A certain feeling of nostalgia occupied my mind the entire day, and I can sigh in relief, that all my effort did not go to waste. Praise the Lord!

However.... when I shared this with three of the most important people in my life - Papa, Mama and my fiance,.... it was met with disinterest. I was saddened, that I can find nowhere to share my joy.... *sigh*... Oh well...

I wish the Lagenda BEC knew that they have made an old forgotten soul happy this day. And how they changed my life, just as much I hope I have changed theirs.

Will post the pictures mentioned tomorrow.... Peace ^_^

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  1. I don't think u did anything wrong.


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