Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Family Dinner 2006

Sorry I was late posting this... got too distracted by all the food and sleeping. ^_^
Used Google's Picasa2 service to upload them. Only 250 Mb size maximum for free accounts but it's sufficient for now. ^_^

Click here to view.

We didn't take a lot of pics. Maybe because we were hungry. :)
The pics without flash were taken by me, because I like the dim lighting, creates the mood for it. However, the others preferred the pics to be totally brightened with the camera flash. Ugh... ^_^

Yes, it was dark after we took the pics, but that's not something we cannot fix after some brightness adjustment with Photoshop, right?

Me and my love. See? It's not that bad... ya?

From christmasdinn...

OK, hears a clear one to be fair.

Two of the three women I love the most in my life - Mama and Sharm. (My sis, Cindy, is in Japan :( )
From christmasdinn...

I have mentioned many times that I was out of shape. Many have doubted it. Here's the secret: it's all in the angles.

Here's how I really look like:

Our family dinner.

From christmasdinn...


Overall, the dinner was really great, a nice buffet at Casuarina Hotel lounge restaurant, Ipoh. Sharm joined us, but I feel bad for not bringing her family along.

The food was excellent. Most of everyone left the salmon alone, so I literally ate half of the plate served on the buffet table. Other than that, the barbecued mutton and beef was juicy and nice. As with the local cuisines - ginger chicken, roasted duck, mixed veges, salad, "localized" pasta...etc. The fruits still sucks, it's the one thing that never change about this place. But the cakes... man, the cakes were fantastic. Why, I couldn't even bring myself to eat some of them because they look so nice.

U can't touch dis...

From christmasdinn...

Hope your Christmas was good too!

.... and now on to the New Year!!

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