Monday, December 18, 2006

Changes and Miracles

A lot of things have happened this past week and many weeks before. Life has been interesting for me, as we prepare for the celebration of the birth of our saviour this month. Christmas shopping has started, along with the usual back-to-school shopping too. I have sought to bury a dark past of mine, starting from yesterday's penitential service. I hope I have done enough to "make the path straight for the Lord".

Now then.... there were some interesting changes in my fiance that took me by surprise. First up, she drove to Subang Parade from home at Jalan Templar on Friday, all by herself with one passenger. Sound normal? Not really. She's the type wouldn't that wouldn't dare to drive anywhere unfamiliar. I have never shown her the way to that shopping complex, and her passenger do not know the way. I've driven her to Subang Carrefour before, but the traffic jam in Subang Jaya had her scared already. So it's really a pleasant surprise to see her finally taking up the challenge to commute on her own..... But then again, this could be due to the motivation power to do shopping. :)

Secondly, during an early "boxing day" event in her office, everyone went out for a hearty lunch. During desert, she and her friends were looking the menu and found an item which not one of them have heard of. And so she decided to order it and give it a try because the name sounds interesting. Another big surprise for me! Because this lovely fiance of mine NEVER try anything type of food that she had never seen, heard, or tasted before. Curiosity never make her try new things before. She prefer to shy from taking up the challenge to try something new. This is something MONUMENTAL in the history of our lives. :)

Later, she told me that it was from my influence that made her make this change. And I am so happy about to hear that. ^_^

Last Monday, we have finally submitted our application to join the Weekend for the Engaged program, and confirmed the participation on Friday. It will be a 3 days 2 nights stay-in retreat for couples getting ready to get married. I prefer to have one weekend to go over this course rather than attending weekly classes that spans to about 6 weeks. This way, we can concentrate fully on the course without any interruption in between. This will be the n-th time I join any retreat and the first for her. So it will be interesting to know what she thinks about it.

Miracles have been popping up left and right during the week. And the pessimist little me is wondering if the end of the world is approaching. Man, we never count our blessings, but this time, I am thanking the Lord for these wonderful things.

I don't know if these are rewards, as a result of our many attempts and actions for making our wedding a conflict-less, problem-less, and hiccup-less event. If it was, I have only 3 words to say - "Praise the Lord!"

There were so many good things happening these days, I simply can't write them all down. It would mean having to write a mini novel. So I'll just highlight a few.

Mama won the lottery, at second place! But since her bets are higher than normal, it counts just as much as a first place winning. The payout is still not much, but it's just about enough to sponsor her week-long holiday trip to Taiwan with Papa. Hey, we're not greedy, cos it's the placing that counts, ya know. Mama gave me a phone call to tell me how this has been one of the happiest day of her life. This news made her trip worry-free because she don't have to think about having to curfew her spendings. I am SO happy for her. Other than that, I am so happy for Papa, being able to see the Pacific Ocean line from this trip. His descriptions of his experience on this trip has told me how much he enjoyed it. My wishes have come true, that my parents are finally being able to enjoy life, after many many many years of sufferings and turmoils of maintaining our family. Although I am sad, that those money did not come from me, but I am determined to one day send them to a trip with money earned from my sweat and blood. Mama will be retiring from her business, and Papa will be retiring from work next year. So I expect them to be traveling a lot.

So what's next? A smile. :)

The "smile" in topic, came from the one person that have protested my wedding of my fiance - her mother. At first, her protest was very loud, but had died down to a complete cold war against us and all around her. But something has changed. Last month, I attended the wedding of my fiance's cousin. Needless to say, her family was there too. For the entire day, I avoided eye-contact with her mom, to avoid any sort of ... well, anything. Then later that evening of wedding reception, just about when everyone is leaving, I swallowed my pride, approached her and extended my hand to her to say goodbye for the night - just doing my part, a simple gesture of respect to an elder. To my surprise, she took my hand, and even returned a brief smile. I must say, that I am most relieved, even if it could just be an obligatory gesture.

But it happened again yesterday. My parents who came back from their holiday trip, went for the morning mass, and coincidentally (or accidentally, if you will) sat right behind my fiance's family in the pews. After the mass had ended, Mama went ahead to start a short conversation with my fiance's grandma - a fatal action in my opinion. But it happened - my fiance's mom smiled back at Mama when she greeted her.

I don't know, if again, it's just a gesture or just manners. I am delighted by the whole turn of event. I think, next year would be a wonderful year. I am blessed. Now if some share of miracle could happen to the return of Kago Ai.

I do expect bad things to happen though, the devil always come to cause problems everytime we do God's bidding and keeping our peace. But whatever it may be, come what may. Because I am sure, things will be alright in the end.

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