Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Family Karaoke

I've always wanted to do many things with my family. You know, have a family activity or something. My parents came over to visit last Saturday, (after a long persuasion), and I've managed to go for a karaoke session together! It was a lotta fun.... I wish Cindy (my baby sister) was here.

It was something we have been talking about for years but we never got around making it happen, yet here we are last rainy Saturday afternoon, and we sang "Song Sung Blue" together.....woohoo~~~! :D

Our family was a oldie-junkie. We'd listen anything from Frank Sinatra, Marie-Ann & Tom Jones ....all the way to Carpenters, Bee Gees & Olivia Newton John. My favourite has been the 70's music. The funny thing? After years of assuming that Papa has a great hidden singing talent..... I finally get to hear him sing a full song..... and he sucks :). Hey, I've heard him singing hymms in church, and I thought he's got a Engelbert Humperdink type of low-key voice. But, come to think of it, it's been years since I've heard him sing at all.

It's one of those times, that I come to realise something...... Papa's getting old. Mama, on the other hand, took singing lessons before.... so no problem for her. Even though her age now adds a little coarseness to her voice. But it's absolutely great, to be able to do something together at least. Now I'm not gonna go about talking about how off-key and off-timing the singing was, the important thing about enjoying karaoke is --> Enjoy yourselves! And that's what we've been doing. Karaoke is about building a castle of happiness.... on top of someone else' moat of suffering. (The chinese would know what I meant there.) We've been singing and singing for 4 hours, all oldies..... well, added two modern songs to stay level headed, and I get to sing "Leader of the Band" by Dan Fogelbert to Papa. Man, it was great.

I would love to do it all again.... maybe the next time when I get back to hometown, I will..... yes that would indeed be nice. Let's not make last Saturday a "once in a lifetime" moment.

Monday, September 20, 2004

busy busy busy....

Over a month. It's been that long since i last updated my blog. Not that I have nothing exciting happening with my life this past month. It's just that I've been busy and i haven't the time to write anything down. My gang at kawaiination (formerly known as jsgirls and nippongirls) are slowly getting too active for me to catch up. Even the newbies are getting smarter. But then again, I'm seeing good things with kawaiination, cos there have been times where a topic more than a day old getting pushed to the next page.... just like forum.japantoday.com (where I have been dormant). Quite an achievement, I must say.

I'll recap what has happened in a moment. I'm breaking the laws of work ethics right now, typing me blog while at work...... (even though most of us do it anyway :) )

Friday, September 03, 2004

Google DOWN!

This is may just be the once-in-a -ifetime incident for Google.... my boss and I were laughing our heads off looking at the screen..... ^_^

Time of incident :
2nd September 2004
3:29PM EST

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