Friday, December 29, 2006

Miracle turned Tragedy... because of "culprit" - NO FOLLOW UP!

I had hesitated to post this... but now I HAVE to get it off my chest.

Go here to read the previous post on this matter

Sunday December 10, 2006
Cops yet to receive instruction on SMS case

IPOH: Police are still waiting for instructions from the At-torney-General’s Chamber on whether to charge a woman for her alleged involvement with the SMS on the purported baptism of Muslims at a church here.

Deputy Perak police chief Senior Asst Comm (I) Datuk Tan Seng Eng said police had yet to receive any instructions after investigation papers on the matter were submitted at the end of last month.

The woman, in her 40s, and her 38-year-old husband, were released on police bail on Nov 27.

SAC (I) Tan was speaking to reporters after launching the Ipoh district police crime prevention campaign at a shopping complex here yesterday.

Early last month, protesters had gathered in front of the church in Silibin here after rumours of the purported baptism spread through SMS. It turned out to be the first Holy Communion for about 100 Catholic children.

Source here

Sunday December 9, 2006

Perak Deputy Police Chief SAC 1 Datuk Tan Seng Eng said the police had yet to receive any directive.
"As it is now, we are not making any more arrests," he told reporters after launching an anti-crime campaign organised by Ipoh City Police at a shopping complex here today.

Source here

In summary - it's been a month, and still no action taken. Nuff said.

And why am I not surprised?

1) Note that after the bail release, the "culprit" is being SENT HOME in a police car. With police escort. ... How nice. a good "VIP" treatment for criminals.

2) Note that the court is still UNDECIDED whether to charge the "culprit" under the Sedition Act OR to grant her an unconditional release... How noble. Eating their own promises and words. (They have boldly declared that the culprit would definitely be charged and punished, as echoed by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister)

3) Note that it's been ONE WHOLE MONTH since the bail release, and still no verdict, no action taken, no news at all... How thoughtful. To let the news fade by itself, hopefully the public may forget about it soon.

Bleh. I am going to be sick.

It all within my expectations on how the situation will end, way back when the problem first started. In fact, when I received the news about Item (2) above, it has sealed my predictions to the wall.

Here's a homework for you --> try and guess what would have happened if the races were reversed. i.e. Chinese/Indians protesting in front of a mosque.

You know... part of me had hoped, that at least something will change this time. But as you can see, the government and police have let us down. Yet again.

... And people ask me why I'm not supportive of my own country.


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