Friday, September 15, 2006

Voice from the UK...

Really exciting news today!

My cousin Michelle from UK has sent me an email! Though she sent that last month to my Hotmail account, which I only check once in a blue moon. Thank God for the urge to check it today, it's as if He sent me a reminder Himself.

An update to those who don't know: I have an aunt (I call her Ah Koo, it's Hakka for auntie) who married a Englishman and migrated to the UK many years ago, and gave me 2 cousins, Michelle and Darren. (Michelle is the elder) Last I heard, Darren is still a mechanic, moved out to his own house with his girlfriend. And Michelle is still single and is working all over London.

Darren's situation might have changed now. And Michelle gave me a brief of her current situation. It seems that the news of my marriage plans have made its way to England, which prompted her to mail me. How nice!

Michelle is still single, and is living her life to the fullest. Job hopping from to another just like any other big city denizen. She has done just about everything, and somehow related to music and entertainment. That's something I admire, because I can never do that now, I'm all for stability right now. Music is almost behind me now.

So, I sent her a mail and I'm really looking forward to her reply. I really wish she would keep in touch often. So Michelle, if you're reading this, please respond! Pronto!!

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