Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ai Ra Bu Yuu Kishidan...

My sis has recently asked me to show to Papa and Mama who she is currently interested in.

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Unfortunately, she is not romantically involved with them. :)

Kishidan has been around for a decade already, and recently celebrating their 10th year anniversary with some shows and activities. Go here to have a look if you know japanese. They are really one-of-a-kind, with their stage performance, looks, and music. Don't let their looks and goofy antics fool you. If you listen closely, their musical talent is not to be underestimated, and it is waiting to be fully released one day.

This group, consisting by Ayanokouji Sho (Vocals and leader), Saotome Hikaru (Gibberish Vocals and dance), Saionji Hitomi (Guitar), Hoshi Grandmarnier (Guitar), Shiratori Shouchikubai (Bass) and Shiratori Yukinojoe (Drums).

Their Style: Early 50's bosozoku biker gang, sporting exaggerated and permed pompadour hairstyle, black japanese high school uniforms modified to their own style with large kanji. Their rock songs are always accompanied with para-para moves, each song having its own.

Their Music: About high school love, bikers, friends, gangs... anything yankii.

Their Popularity: Already 10 years in the industry and still not phased out. Need to say more? However, they are limited to the Japanese, as their style does not really appeal to the international market. Which is good because I would hate for them to be compared to the Danish techno group Cartoons. Their songs are also a favourite among karaoke goers, whey they can dance along with it.

Their Influence and influence to culture: Obviously, Sho and his buddies took from the bosozoku culture which is common in their hometown, and took it to a national recognition. Despite their outlook, they have never promoted violence and stuff. Instead, their songs are mostly about love, courage, and faith. They are one of the most recognisable rock groups in the country, and have influenced the fashion industry with their style. You will see a lot of mangas and animes emulating their outlook when depicting gangsters and yakuzas.

- Has appeared in Kouhaku shows. It is a national show for New Year's eve.
- Kishidan are friends with Glay, another famous rock group. It was one of Glay's home party, that Sho was introduced to Utada Hikaru, and they became best friends from that day onwards.
- Hikaru has a gimmick where he is the one in the group that speaks in gibberish. Even his self description in the live concert pamphlets/flyers will consist of "!@#$%&*" or something like that.

Lately, Sho has a side project with an alternate persona, DJ Ozma. His bandmates from Kishidan are involved in this, but they never admit that they are the same people. In live interviews, DJ Ozma will never admit that he actually Ayanokouji Sho, instead he will say that they are distant relatives. Of course, this is just a jest, everyone knows that already. But according to my sis, some people actually believed that! :)

So for those who are interested, don't be shy and give them a try. Start with their great hit single "One Night Carnival", and the recent "Ai Ra Bu Yu (I love you)"


  1. Ur sis7:05 PM

    Hikaru only screams(and dance) definitely not a vocal.

  2. yeah, i know. which is why i said "gibberish". ^_^

  3. hi ah go
    cin told me about your blog...
    think you are much more detailed of jpnese stuffs n pops etc than your sis!! erai !!maji erai yo~!
    how do you think of KISHIDAN yourself?

  4. yo! nice to hear from you...
    thanks! but if you think i am detailed enough, you should see my other blog...

    Kishidan's music is really nice and fun. I'm picky when it comes to music, so you don't hear me say that often. haven't heard their latest single yet though...

    Peace ^_^


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