Friday, September 22, 2006

Kawaiination is No More...

Well, I changed my mind. I'm not going back to kawaiiNation after all.

I PMed an old friend there, to see if he is OK to chat. So he did, went on Messenger, said hi, and sent me a file and logged out. I clicked on it to open - only to find that there's a virus attached to it. Now normally I wouldn't do such a thing, but he had my confidence and trust so I naively clicked on it. Thank goodness it didn't infect my machine which is a linux box, but I'm worried that it will make its way to the Windows partition, which is... I think is unlikely.

We had some bickering before I left kawaiiNation, but it shouldn't end up like this. If it was a prank, it's certainly not funny at all. Not to any system admin.

*sigh* I guess I better put them in my past and move on. So sad that it had to end up this way. Am tempted to track his IP down and return the favor, but I am too old for these games now. He can have his victory, if he enjoys it. Have started to remove all my references of my account from that site, and removing them from my bookmarks. I won't edit my blog posts, so you guys can stil click-through if you want, it's still a great site so take advantage of that. It's some people that you gotta be careful of.

Peace ^_^


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    clicked the here..been enjoying myself..miss you..i it possible that the guy sent you the file with a virus attached by accident?

  2. Hi there old friend. How is life treating you? Good I hope. Been a good while since we spoke now, miss it. Throw me an email sometime. All the best. Bambi


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