Thursday, September 28, 2006

Transposing Morning Musume Songs....

I'm a huge fan of Morning Musume. . I ain't gonna blab about them. Click that link and read for yourself, for those who don't know. Come to think of it, I had not started a post about them before. Maybe I will do it in my other blog.

Now there aren't a lot of people who wanna strum the guitar to the tunes of Morning Musume. Their music just aren't that material. I've been watching the Hello! Pro Hour show, and there are lots of 'unplugged' performances. Other than the really rare solo performances, the acoustic versions of the usually loud and colourful songs sounded really cool and mellow. So I thought I'd try to transpose them songs and post them up for all.

It's been a while since I've transposed any song. I picked up my guitar few days ago, and gave it a try. Still haven't lost my touch, that's good, but I side-tracked and played some of my old practice tunes and played freestyle a few times. Had been out of touch from my classical guitar music for a long time already. Feels great to get some of that ol' feeling back. Now what I need is a capo and some score sheets, will buy them when my paycheck comes this week. (Yes, I am that poor now).

OK then, will see if I can kickstart this little personal project successfully...


  1. elnole2:12 AM

    hi. you are not the only one on that. I already sent like twenty tabs to You can check them, you'll probably find them useful.

  2. Thanks for the link. ^_^

  3. kangeki!
    i never really have any interest on MoMu but got hook up by thm recently. cz too cute! especially kago ai and Nozomi Nonchan. last time lah! their music are nice n POP!
    really feel like wan to go karaoke with cin-gogo! sounds FUN!

  4. when i come to japan, we WILL do that! ^_^


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