Saturday, January 06, 2007

On playing nurse, stupid doctors...... and a stubborn fiance

Being a nurse is not easy... I salute all the nurses in the world, for their fortitude and patience, definitely one of the most grueling job ever.

I had my try being a nurse to my fiance since Thursday. She was down with some mild gastritis initially, and I took her to the clinic on Wednesday to sort it out.

But the problem came where she went for second opinion the next day, because the pain didn't go away. And the dumbass doctor prescribed her Ponstan, which worsen her problem. Now Ponstan is a multi purpose painkiller, can be used as an anti-inflammatory pill, and reduces bleeding for women having their period. I think that doctor had assumed that she was having a period, but the real problem is she was having gastritis. You see, Ponstan is also known as mefenamic acid. Simple equation --> acid + acid = bad_stomach. I didn't know that until she told me on Thursday morning, I would have stopped her if I knew.

So, 4 a.m. on Thursday I had to wake up and send her to the clinic again. This time, the doctor recognised that the first doctor also prescribed her antibiotics that is also acidic (Forgot the name). Adding to the equation again --> acid + acid + acid = even_badder_stomach. The doctor had advised her to stop the antibiotics, and will not prescribe her another one, afraid that a second type would cause complications. Somehow, my fiance misunderstood the advice, and continued taking the antibiotic... against my protest. Adding to the equation yet again --> acid + acid + acid + stubborn_fiance = totally_fucked_up_stomach.

By noon, her mild gastritis had turned into an ACUTE gastritis. Needless to say, she was so in pain, she cried the entire time.

I had to take half the day of to send her to the clinic AGAIN, where another doctor gave her an injection, prescribed some non-acidic painkillers, and some counter-gastric liquid.

Stayed with my fiance for the remaining day to nurse her. It was a heartbreaking moment to see the love of my life, flinching and wrenching and writhing in pain on the bed, cried and cried, puked so many times... it was terrible. She kept on asking me for the painkillers, but I denied her of it. We have to wait for a few hours for the anti-gastric liquid to take effect, because we don't want her to vomit the medicine out again. It was probably the worst 4 hours of her life...

But thanks be to God, it was worth the wait, cos' by night, after the taking the painkillers, the pain had subsided a lot, and finally she is able to walk and change into her pajamas. I left after 8 p.m. and was informed by her landlady (who was so kind, and made me some dinner) that she was asleep an hour later.

The next day, she was healthy as ever, and she was thankful for all I have done for her, and credited the speedy recovery to my attentive nursing. Somehow, I still feel bad, because I knew there was a problem and yet I didn't prevent it in time.

I've done and given my best... because that's all I can do. "And that's all I need. No one else could have done the same for me" she said.

She is stubborn. But that's what I'm for. I still love her. ^_^

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