Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A man like me... for someone

A man like me
walks alone, lives alone,
eats and sleeps alone

Never dreamed of being afar
yet appearing distant
always gazing ahead
reminiscence of the past

had little desires in life
only but to live meaningfully
had sought perfection
only but flaws to be found

i care not for many
for many care not I

cheeks grown coarse
expression hardened
smiles are but a tool for another's satisfaction

body grown weary
feelings cold
gestures are but a proof for another's existence

thoughts grown infallible
emotions amok
voices are but a reserve for another's pleasure

do beautiful things only exist in dreams?
Nay, 'tis not true...
what was once only fantasy
had become reality

for who else...

who else would lay on my chest
finding comfort
who else would hold my hand
sensing belonging
who else would sieve through my hair
searching for feelings
who else would grace my eyes
looking for answers

who else would caress my temples
offering concern
who else would cuddle in my arms
resonating hope
who else would wrap around my waist
sharing closeness
who else would look into my heart
discovering paradise

none but someone... none but only one.

rhere's always a man like me ..... for someone


  1. 詩は人生を解釈する手助けとなる。



  2. 詩は人生を解釈する手助けとなる。




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