Friday, November 10, 2006

Me? High Blood Pressure?

Apparently, high blood pressure can be inherited from your parents, or forefathers...

Asked Papa and Mama about this pulsing vein thing on my head, and they have no doubt that it could be high blood pressure. Grandma and Grandpa (Mom's side) also had high blood pressure. A week's worth of extensive work pressure, lack of sleep may have contributed to this. On top of that, I have been blogging and crawling heavily all week. (On the pretense that something about Aibon may turn up this week, but i was wrong) So basically, I have been in front of the computer monitor screen the entire day. The breaks in between are commuting, lunch and dinner.

So I took Papa and Mama's advice to take a shower, go to bed early,... and go to the doctor's for a checkup in the morning. This has gotta be one of the earliest nights of my life. Yes 10:22PM is early to me...

Signing off now... Good night. Love and Peace... ^_^

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