Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Koi No Vacance - W (DoubleU) on classical guitar

Been a refreshing and productive week, with lots of good news and stuff. Which can only mean one thing - bad days are ahead. That's the pessimistic Mick for you. (^_^)

Managed to (finally) record a song that I have transposed a long while ago. Also posted it on my Hello! Project blog. It didn't take me long to transpose the chords, melody and the guitar solo, but since I didn't write down the notations for it (too lazy to do it), it took me quite a number of tries before I get it right. ...... and because I have a short memory and attention span. (^o^)v

Few things I realised after uploading this video, is that I forgot to clean the lens before recording, and forgotten to include the guitar riff intro to the song...

Koi No Vacance - W (DoubleU)

Actually, I have reconsidered on tabbing my guitar works. I haven't surveyed the right software for it. Plus there are a number of things I need to buy - a proper recording microphone, and a digital camera. But once all that is settled, I'm going to film, record and tab my songs, and with publish it for TUTORIAL purposes. I shouldn't get into trouble for this.... I think. Read here, to know what I'm concerned about.

I will try with just ONE song first, to estimate how much work it takes to produce one, and if it is worth continuing. For those who are reading this, all suggestions and comments are welcome. Let me know if you have any good ideas.

By the way...

... it's also Kago Ai's birthday today! So a very Happy 19th Birthday to Aibon! Currently, I'm still hanging out at Hello! Project related websites for news about Aibon's situation. She's still suspended, but most of us fans have the same mindset - either she comes back this month, or she doesn't come back at all.

Sad but true. Oh well...

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