Thursday, October 26, 2006

No holidays? No matter...

It's a long public holiday here. Saturday was Deepavali, Tuesday and Wednesday was Hari Raya. Monday was offday/forced leave. Long holiday, so I can relax, right?

Wrong. I was on standby to make sure my company's customer websites are up and running. Self implemented standby, because I was sure something wrong would happen and that I'm not going back hometown anyway. Seem like my decision was right, so much problem happened for one particular customer that we have to keep a close lookout.

Other than that, I was on my H!P blog doing some updates, and I'm not even finished. But it was fun. Hadn't patrolled the japanese sites that aggresive before, but I wanted updates. Updates on H!P news and my beloved Aibon...

Uploaded another guitar song in Some people did actually liked my performances, so I was glad. My next goal was to produce a much better video, because so far it's all muffled and the bass sounded too mellowed. Gotta wait for my thumb fingernail to grow, get a better speaker and a better mic. Why? Because it's much cheaper than getting a new digital camera.

I had a draft post where I would discuss about the whole Lim Kuan Yew's comment and apology about bringing up the "marginalization of the Chinese in Malaysia". But I changed my mind. After reading the draft, I was sure I'd get into trouble for publishing it. I have my own take on it, and it's not pretty. Not for both Malays and non-Malays. It's just an unending debate, both parties are wrong in certain areas. No point arguing over it. Basically, what I can mention is: Do Not Say Anything If You Don't Have Anything Good to Say. Seriously. It's the same as our Pope's case.. Anytime, when it's about religion or racism, it's always sensitive. Should never bringing up unless you have a strong agenda you want to act on and you have strong points. Apologizing afterwards will only embarass you and make the other party look good (for the wrong reasons).

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