Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Filtering friends...

Sometimes after a break up many people tend to remember and start counting - how many friends do you really have. There's a way to determine which one is your closest friends.

For example:

When you tell your friends about your breakup with your boyfriend/girlfriend, do your friends:
1) remain silent, but feels sorry for you
2) feels really sorry for you, and has said it
3) tries to console you in any way possible, even though you didn't expect it
4) buys you a drink, takes you out for a dance/party
5) tells you to get over it and forget about him/her
6) tells you to get over it , and starts to brag about "this guy/chick i know in the office"
7) no reaction, but pats you on the shoulder gently, and smiles in consolation
8) no reaction at all

....well,....there are no standards or rules set on how one filter one's "true friends" from the garbage friends . It really depends on you. And what you expect from them, and them you.

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