Thursday, May 13, 2004

Whining down

So what's been happening? Well, my life sucks, my jobs sucks, my girlfriend is mad at me, my landlord sucks too.....! These are the so common stuff that we hear the guys whine about themselves over a few bottles of Two Dogs, (Chocolate Latte for the ladies). Whining is good, all the better if you can find someone to whine to. It heals the soul, supplying some measure of comfort in the much busy and hurryburry life in the city. I for one, have no one to whine to, (except to God).

I have been playing the role of the "listener" for many people since the day I can speak English properly (that's way back in high school). A friend has revealed to me years earlier that I have the sort of charisma and aura, that can make people talk, and tell their problems to me. No matter what, people will tell me things. Even if they are the seclusive and quiet sort, they will tell me. Why, I can still remember a certain friend back in high school seeking me for advice of love, when I haven't held a girl's hand in my life at that time. Eventually the 'patients' pile up.

Tis' a lonely experience being the 'listener' for so many years. While it's sometimes enjoyable to listen to their experiences and stuff, but it's not a two way conversation, it never was and will be. How can you tell a person who's been telling you about their love problems, about your own problems of debugging a goddamn SQL script? (ahh~~ that feels better).

I don't have many friends, people look to me as a cheap psychiatrist. Most people view psychiatrists as boring people, and would rarely fit into a wild and wacky group. Obviously, they haven't seen me drunk.

I believe it's a calling for me, to become a "supporting actor" to someone else's mega-movie life. The eternal sidekick that provides an amount of sanity back into the heroes and heroines. I've always love the concept of underdogs and sidekicks. Staying behind the shadow of successful people has a certain enigma to it...... Or i was just pessimist.

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